What We Do

The Healthier Hospitals program is a call-to-action for an entire industry. It is an invitation for health care organizations across the country to join the shift to a more sustainable business model, and a challenge for them to address the health and environmental impacts of their sector.

By creating a collaborative setting which engages all stakeholder groups and gives each individual player the tools they need to succeed, HH has created a platform to help health care organizations affect widespread, meaningful change — and measure their impact. 

Through the collaboration of world-renowned industry experts, HH has developed and is proud to feature a suite of tools intended to make the fulfillment of this mission as easy as possible:

  • Easy-to-use mechanisms for identifying metrics and collecting data
  • Access to a broad-based community through the HH network
  • Interactive, content-focused webinars
  • Detailed “How-To Guides” for each Challenge area
  • Insight into how others have achieved success – case studies, success stories, leadership insights