An Energy Success Story: Monadnock Community Hospital Peterborough, New Hampshire

The Problem

Throughout the country, hospitals are working towards LEAN initiatives whether it is energy reduction, healthier food consumption or removal of harmful chemicals. While a small community hospital, Monadnock is committed to these efforts and took on various challenges to meet their goals.

The Strategy Selected

Monadnock Community Hospital as a whole came together to commit to all six levels of the Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI). The hospital created a taskforce to include employees from distinct departments. The taskforce had the support of both the CEO and CFO. The facilities department agreed to take on the Leaner Energy Challenge looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and costs. Prior to HHI, the department had already begun looking towards energy efficiency. With the hospital’s newfound commitment to HHI, it became quicker and easier to achieve their goals.

Implementation Process

The facilities team, led by the director of facilities, Tom Humphrey, thoroughly investigated the opportunities available for their hospital. Based on Monadnock’s facility size and location, the team identified the available options to diversify their energy portfolio: wood chips, wood pellets, compressed natural gas, and propane. After careful consideration, the hospital converted to propane from heavy oils.

Additionally, Monadnock worked closely with its utility company, Eversource, to ensure they took full advantage of all available incentives and rebate programs. The two parties worked hand-in-hand and created a strong, collaborative partnership. With the support of the hospital CFO, Richard Scheinblum, the team conducted and presented a cost benefit as well as return on investment analyses, which were successful in obtaining funding for their project.


  • Saved 300,000 in kWh in three years.

  • Reduced carbon footprint.

  • Reduced costs.

Challenges and Lessons Learned

Small hospitals are ripe to take advantage of energy reduction. With such close margins, energy projects can lead to large annual savings at very low costs. In determining which project is best for you, Monadnock recommends taking your time to carefully review your options. What is best for your neighbor is not necessarily right for you. There are many choices for savings and reducing your carbon footprint, make sure to consider all of them before moving forward.

Download PDF version of case study here