Partners HealthCare | Strategic Energy Master Plan

In 2008, energy price increases led Partners HealthCare to re-examine its $100 million annual energy costs across 15 facilities, and efforts to contain annual energy increases of 1.5 percent.  Much of this energy was carbon-based and subject to price swings.  This, combined with incentives to improve the efficiency of existing systems and to install renewable energy systems, provided the impetus for Partners to develop an energy master plan called the Strategic Energy Master Plan.  This plan was developed by a steering committee of hospital and Partner’s representatives and a consultant. Developed by a team of hospital and Partner representatives and a consultant, the plan's goal was to reduce energy consumption, identify and evaluate renewable energy sources, increase energy efficiency through on-site cogeneration, and implement recommendations. 

To identify conservation opportunities, the team evaluated the mechanical/electrical infrastructure, and (?) collected and benchmarked energy source, consumption and cost data.  It also analyzed opportunities for cogeneration and alternative energy installations. 

As a result, 230 energy conservation measures were recommended, with the potential to reduce energy consumption by 28 percent.  The estimated cost of implementing this plan was $61MM with an average payback of 3.7 years, representing a 27 percent  annual return on investment. As of September 2012, Partners has achieved a 16 percent overall reduction in energy consumption, cogeneration facilities are in design or construction at three hospitals, and an effort is underway to locate and finance off-site photovoltaic installations.