Tenet Healthcare Corporation | Green Team Development

In 2012, Tenet Healthcare Corporation started working on a systematic approach to implement sustainability initiatives across its 49 hospitals.  These hospitals were at varying levels of engagement in sustainability, and Tenet saw an opportunity to standardize sustainability management practices across the system while permitting each hospital to identify its sustainability goals.

Tenet developed a Sustainability Advisory Council with representatives from each of its four regions who were charged with driving Tenet’s sustainability initiatives.  Tenant also formed hospital Green Teams that met to guide the hospital’s sustainability efforts. The Council worked with the Green Teams to select the most relevant  HHI Challenges, effectively using the HHI Challenges to guide each hospital’s sustainability program goals. Council members meet on a monthly basis, and each is responsible for providing the support, tools and guidance required by the hospitals in their region to achieve their  HHI  goals.  The Council also presents monthly sustainability sharing calls open to the entire system, and designed to ensure information is shared consistently and timely.

At the end of 2012, Tenet reported an overall increase in recycling rates, healthier food offerings and reprocessing spend which correlated to a decrease in supply expense for single-use medical devices.  Its regional facilities have seen successes in achieving their HHI-related sustainability goals.