Enroll Now

Enrollment in  Healthier Hospitals is free and available to all U.S. and Canadian acute care facilities, hospitals and health systems. Hospitals outside of the U.S. or Canada can learn more about the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network.

To enroll a hospital or health system in HH and commit to one or more Challenge areas, click one of the links below:

1. Enroll a Health System

If you sign up as a system, the participating member hospitals will also need to be enrolled individually since HH collects data at the facility level. After enrolling the system, either:

  • Enroll each hospital individually on the website, or
  • Submit a spreadsheet with facility name, address, a contact person's name, email and phone, and designated challenges to info@practicegreenhealth.org and the HH team will process the individual enrollments.

2. Enroll a Hospital

We have recently been experiencing some technical difficulties with the enrollment process. Please email us at info@practicegreenhealth.org if you have any trouble enrolling your facility.

Enrollment Confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation once your enrolled health system or hospital facility has been approved. As part of the enrollment process, you will create a user account on the HH website. As the main contact for HH, you will be able to edit your facility’s enrollment information at any time.

After your facility is approved, you can invite other hospital staff to create HH user accounts to access how-to guides, webinars and case studies, and to receive The Greenbeat newsletter. Additional users will not have access to edit the hospital account.

Make sure you let your PR/marketing department know about your enrollment. We have developed a Communications Toolkit with press releases and communication templates so your facility can share its accomplishments and be recognized by your community for the work you’re doing.