List of Furniture and Materials that Meet the HH Healthy Interiors Goal

Healthier Hospitals (HH) makes it easier for hospitals to select furniture and materials that meet the Healthy Interiors goal of the Safer Chemicals Challenge.

HH worked with furniture and textile manufacturers to identify products that meet the Healthy Interiors goal. An important note: this is NOT a certification, and Healthier Hospitals does NOT verify this information. Hospitals are encouraged to seek verification from individual manufacturers.

What is the HH Healthy Interiors Goal?
The goal requires participating hospitals to ensure that 30 percent of the annual volume of furnishings and furniture purchases (based on cost) eliminate the use of formaldehyde, perfluorinated compounds, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), antimicrobials, and all flame retardants.

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Built-in and modular casework
Children’s furniture and mattresses
Cubicle/privacy curtains
Mattresses and pads (table pads, stretcher pads, pediatric pads)
Panels and partitions
Seating (chairs, stools, sofas, benches, recliners, loungers, etc.)
Storage units and shelving
(cabinets, filing cabinets, dressers, drawers, bookshelves, built-in shelves, etc.)
Systems (multi-component furniture systems)
Textiles (panel, upholstery, and window fabric)
Wall coverings
Window coverings (shades)
Work surfaces (tables, desks, overbed tables, etc.)
(desk accessories, monitor arms, keyboard accessories, wall rail systems, etc.)