American Lung Association in CA launches Doctors for Climate Health Campaign


New #climatehealth initiative supports strong clean air and climate standards
Today, the American Lung Association in California launched the “Doctors for Climate Health” campaign to highlight the medical and health community’s call for continued action to fight air pollution and climate change.  
“Climate change is one of the greatest public health threats of our time and California’s ground-breaking climate protection law (known as AB 32) is among the most significant laws we have to clean the air and improve health. Physicians are on the front lines taking care of patients and protecting them from harm and understand the threat of climate change to health. 
Each year, too many Californians – thousands of our families, friends and neighbors – die prematurely because of unhealthy air. Tens of thousands more rush to emergency rooms and are hospitalized from asthma attacks, heart attacks and other health emergencies. 
Through this campaign, physicians from all over California are reminding the public of the critical public health impacts of air pollution and climate change, and the urgent need for strong action to ensure a healthier future for everyone. 
Please read these health leaders’ personal statements (click here) about why they are working to protect our air and our climate. And come back each week as new stories are added.”
These physicians, along with leading health and medical organizations throughout the state, support California’s vital clean air leadership, and call on California's elected leaders to uphold our clean air laws and protect public health by:
  • Promoting AB 32 (Global Warming Solutions Act, 2006) and California’s leadership in setting strong clean air standards to transition California to a clean energy economy and protect public health.
  • Supporting California’s innovative and life-saving programs to implement AB 32 including: Low Carbon Fuel Standard, Fuels under the Cap, Advanced Clean Cars, SB 375 Sustainable Communities planning efforts and providing clean renewable electricity.
  • Supporting mid-term (2030) and long-term (2050) targets for reducing greenhouse gases and fighting efforts to weaken, delay or undermine California’s clean air and clean energy standards.
Statement by Olivia J. Gertz, President & CEO, American Lung Association in California.