Boston hospitals reducing energy intensity through CHP: Report

David Appleyard
January 20, 2015
Energy conservation and efficiency measures have enabled hospitals located in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA have cut their energy use by 6% over the last three years, despite expanding their real estate footprint and patient care requirements.
According to a new report which analyzed energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) records covering Boston hospital buildings, the sector reduced absolute, weather-adjusted total energy use (electricity, gas, chilled water, oil and steam) by 227 billion Btu between January 2011 and the end of 2013. Electricity use dropped 25.4 GWh and natural gas use dropped 1.2 million Btu, together with an associated 5.7% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile cost savings are conservatively estimated at $11.9 million, despite continued growth in facilities and numbers of patients, more energy intensive research laboratories and hotter summers.