Changing the Climate from the Inside Out

Anna Baker
January 16, 2015
Climate for Health
When you have a problem with your health, where do you turn? To your doctor. Your skin flares up: dermatologist. Your foot bothers you: podiatrist. Heart concerns: cardiologist. It should be no surprise, then, that when the health of all of us is at stake, the healthcare community acts to prevent harm. That is, afterall, the Hippocratic Oath.
Climate change is now a health threat for all of us. Unlike the traditional approach of caring for ourselves, such as focusing on regular physical exercise and healthy dietary practices, this one's hitting us all. Organizing a disperse group of busy medical professionals, however, is no easy job. The organization Health Care Without Harm has created the Health Care Climate Council, which serves as a vehicle of climate action among healthcare leaders. They include thirteen hospital systems that represent more than 500 hospitals and $100 billion in revenue. Impressive, right?