Four ways the physical environment can help improve health care

Jamie Morgan
March 16, 2016
Health Facilites Management

Has the increased focus on patient safety impacted your role during the past year?
Patient Safety Awareness Week isn’t just for medical staff. Everyone who works in a health care facility, from the receptionist to the CEO, knows that patient safety has to be woven into every department to be effective.
In fact, this issue was the focus of our 2015 trends report “The Front Lines of Patient Safety,” in which we addressed the many ways design and construction, environmental services, engineering and supply chain professionals help to create a safe environment. Last year, the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) formed an alliance with the Joint Commission to tackle this issue as well. Its Focus on Compliance initiative addresses the eight most frequently cited Joint Commission physical environment standards and provides tools to help health facilities achieve consistent compliance in these areas.