HCWH and HHI Released: Energy Information and Resources for Hospitals in Massachusetts

Massachusetts hospitals continue to strive towards energy efficiency. Numerous examples exist in the Commonwealth of hospitals committing resources to improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions and overall costs. To continue to assist Massachusetts facilities, Health Care Without Harm and the Healthier Hospitals Initiative have released a comprehensive tool – Energy Information and Resources for Hospitals in Massachusetts. This paper, which was made possible by funding from the John Merck Fund, lays out numerous options for rebates, loans, and other financial assistance and endeavors that can help hospitals meet their goals for lean energy. It also highlights various Massachusetts case studies and other articles that can be useful in working towards change.

The paper can be accessed here.
For further ease of use, a Quick Guide of all the resources and opportunities mentioned in this paper is attached in an Excel document. These sources are explained in greater detail in the paper, but if one is looking for an easy way to identify their options, this sheet may prove helpful.

The Quick Guide can be accessed here.

For further questions or information, please contact Stephanie Buckler at sbuckler@healthierhospitals.org or 781-771-9184.