Healthier Hospitals Announces Final Updates

As Practice Greenhealth members are likely aware, the Healthier Hospitals Initiative was a powerful movement to join together over specific environmental improvement activities and gather the aggregate data. As the new Healthier Hospitals becomes a permanent program of Practice Greenhealth, complete with a new logo, each challenge area has been evaluated, refreshed and rolled out over the past six months, culminating with Engaged Leadership, which released in January 2016.
Across the board, challenge baselines were also removed as analysis revealed that these were often skipped. Many of the challenges now have the baseline incorporated into the levels or pulled out as a separate level (such as mercury elimination in the Safer Chemicals challenge). In addition to these updates for Healthier Hospitals, Practice Greenhealth will develop additional goals using a similar format as an exclusive membership benefit. Members will also receive support in achieving either or both goals—and if you are submitting applications for Practice Greenhealth’s Environmental Excellence Awards, that data can be used to participate in Healthier Hospitals.

The work of Healthier Hospitals is far from over. The program will remain a free space for new hospitals to become involved in sustainability work and for Practice Greenhealth members to organize their work and continue their contributions to the aggregate data set to support market transformation.