Yakima Memorial promoting healthy habits by joining national initiative

Molly Rosbach
Yakima Herald
January 14, 2015
New guidelines for patient meals, different options in the hospital’s popular cafeteria, and everywhere, a small green logo labeling which choices are the healthy ones. “Healthy choices, healthy Yakima,” it reads.
“We really need to provide employees, the community, patients’ families, people that visit the hospital, the opportunity to really have access to healthier options, to make the healthy option the easy option, and really to provide them the support they need to make those changes in their life,” said Bertha Lopez, community education director at the hospital.
On Tuesday, Memorial administrators and employees signed a pledge to take part in the Healthier Hospitals Initiative, a voluntary national movement aimed at improving sustainability, nutrition, financial responsibility and safety in hospitals.
For now, Memorial has signed on to three of the six possible challenges: engaged leadership, healthier food and leaner energy. So far, Memorial is the only participating hospital in Yakima County.