Hospital Associations - Key Partners in our Work

Lauren Kleinman

Project Manager, Healthier Hospitals

June 23, 2015

As Healthier Hospitals ended as a campaign and moved over as a free and permanent program of Practice Greenhealth, it was a great time to reflect about what worked well during the three years.

In 2014, 40% of hospitals that enrolled in Healthier Hospitals had some interaction with a Supporting Hospital Association (direct email, joint webinar, newsletter article, or another type of connection). Wow! That year we really linked arms with our hospital associations to offer regional opportunities and to dive deeper into healthcare sustainability issues that mattered to their members - and it worked. These partnerships have been truly mutually beneficial, as it connects us more directly to hospital employees interested in sustainability and the hospital associations can offer free resources to their members to advance sustainability work through Healthier Hospitals in their respective state. Win-win!

The beauty of this hard work that we all do is that it requires collaboration. No one can do this on their own - not one sustainability manager, not one CEO, not even one organization. This work establishes partnerships and connections in a non-competitive space for health systems, which is unique for the industry.

Understanding the importance of these partnerships with Hospital Associations led us to the realization that we do not want this work to end! While HA’s have the option to remain a Supporting Organization, they can also join on as a Practice Greenhealth State Hospital Association member to gain access to additional resources and further this work. Welcome to our first three Supporting Organizations that have joined on as Practice Greenhealth State Hospital Association members! 

Michigan Health and Hospital Association - The first hospital association to sign on as a Supporting Organization, the first hospital association to sign on as a Practice Greenhealth State Hospital Association member, and they have 53% of their hospital membership enrolled in HH!

New Hampshire Hospital Association - NHHA boasts over 60% of their hospitals enrolled in HH, with additional case studies on their work found here.

Ohio Hospital Association - With over 50% of Ohio hospitals enrolled in HH, this hospital association was also a Supporting Organization for the past 2 years. They also coordinated with the release of this Healthier Hospitals report.

A big thank you to our other Supporting Organization hospital associations: California Hospital Association, Florida Hospital Association, Illinois Hospital Association, Massachusetts Hospital Association, Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems, Washington State Hospital Association, and Wisconsin Hospital Association.

Join us in this important work. If you’re a hospital and want to get your hospital association involved, contact us to strategize how to get them engaged. If you’re a hospital association and want to learn more about this membership opportunity, contact Stan Cahill here.