Healthier Hospitals Initiative Milestone Report

2014 Milestone Report

The 2014 Milestone Report illustrates the progress that any hospital can realize, regardless of size or location. In HHI’s third year, 2014 marked the submission of more than 900 sets of data, tracking progress in six “Challenge” areas: Engaged Leadership, Healthier Food, Leaner Energy, Less Waste, Safer Chemicals and Smarter Purchasing. A data summary and analysis for each Challenge and its assigned goals are featured throughout the report, each one pointing to an accompanying case study in an addendum of success. The data was also used to bring hospitals and businesses together around two key market transformation focus areas: less meat, better meat and healthy interiors. These two market transformation initiatives demonstrate the progress that hospitals and businesses can make with the articulation of a common vision for how it could be—a world where antibiotics are still able to fight infection and a health care sector that promotes healthy, local, sustainable foods as key to health and prevention of chronic disease. And a world where hospital interiors are truly healing environments, free of chemicals of concern. 

2013 Milestone Report

The 2013 Milestone Report summarized HHI’s second year of progress with more than 630 HHI enrollees—hospitals big and small, rural and urban—submitting data that quantified their sustainability efforts. The HHI campaign reached more than 1,000 total enrollees in 2014.

2013 Milestone Report

In the first-ever Healthier Hospitals Initiative 2012 Milestone Report, 370 HHI-member hospitals indicated that they had reduced their environmental footprint, lowered costs and improved patient health by incorporating sustainability initiatives into their business models. This is the first time hospitals had quantified sustainability efforts by collecting and reporting data to show movement.